Yes To Carrots





What is Yes To Carrots

Yes To CarrotsTM is a new concept in skin and hair care that combines vitamins and minerals with juices from the 'orange color' produce groups and Dead Sea Mud. Dead Sea Mud has world renowned detoxifying properties which combined with our range of 26 minerals cleanse, detoxify and mineralize the skin naturally. 

Why are Carrots good for your Skin and Hair? 
Our body finds it hard to repair the damage to our skin and hair caused by the sun's rays and air pollutants. Carrots and other orange fruits and vegetables (such as pumpkins, melons, and oranges) contain Beta-Carotene, well known for its anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. Our unique Paraben Free formulations of Beta-Carotene and minerals assist our body's natural process in reducing this damage, helping us GLOW! 

Why the Dead Sea? (apart from the fact that it is fun to float in) 
The Dead Sea marks the lowest place on earth and is the deepest hyper-saline lake in the world. The Dead Sea contains 26 minerals and trace elements that are known to improve cell metabolism and stabilize the moisture content of the skin. The molecular structure of the minerals allows them to penetrate the skin and nourish the cells. Minerals use a process of osmosis to draw in moisture, which is essential for proper metabolism from inner layers of the skin to the external layers. 


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